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Les Roux est [...] [21 Jul 2010|04:22am]
[ mood | excited ]

Everything is pretty much awesome lately.

What's been going on with me in 2010?

In February:
I finally got my tattoo. Some time immediately following that, I had hooch touch up a small little stroke that I neglected to put in my final drawing. I'm not sure if I'm done with it. Chances are I'm not, but for now I'm satisfied. I love it, and I really feel like it reflects the inside of my heart.

I celebrated Valentine's Day with the most perfect man ever put on this earth. We went to some cozy little restaurant in Birmingham called the Village Tavern and just all around had a wonderful night of gooey-ness.

In March:

I went to see AFI, a band I have been embarrassingly crazy about for years. I was close enough to be sweated on by the band and it was an awesome show.

In May:
I finished my second year of college. I failed one class, made C's and B's in the others, but I worked hard and did my best and am very proud of the grades I made.

I was in this little indie film a few friends were doing. It was kind of cheesy, but it was a cool experience and I really felt independent for the first time while doing it. I had to come up with my own place to stay, things to eat, and had to spend all day working my ass off with only a few hours of sleep every night.

My baby brother graduated from middle school!

I was invited to Taylor's family reunion. I got to meet his brother who is in the navy, and tons of extended family he didn't even know existed. After three years of being completely segregated from my boyfriend's family and their functions, it feels beyond amazing to be welcomed so whole-heartedly by this boy's family.

In June:
On the same day as my brother's birthday, I started a set of dreadlocks. Audra did a set on me about a week earlier, but they didn't turn out, so I started them over. They're teaching me a lot about patience, and about loving myself. This isn't a lifestyle for me; it's just a hairdo. But one that I love quite a bit.

In July:
Me and Taylor went to Huntsville to see Shinedown, who is probably my second or third favorite band on earth, and definitely my favorite band in America. They were part of the Carnival of Madness, with 10 Years, Sevendust, Puddle of Mudd, and Chevelle. I'd never heard of Sevendust before, but (other than the fanatic guy next to me) I loved them. Of course Shinedown was beyond amazing. I creamed myself and cried.


There's a ton of stuff coming up that I'm thrilled about.

Tomorrow, hooch is probably going to pierce my ears.

On August 1st, me and Taylor are celebrating our first anniversary! ♥

On August 7th, the Gallery is throwing a huge showcase at Max and Siri's house as part of our usual back to school bash. It's gonna rock. Srsly.

On August 10th-ish, I'm moving back to Tuscaloosa, with my best friend as my roommate, in the coolest dorm ever, which is a part of the best honor society ever, in the same building as the best boyfriend ever.

On August 30th, I'm going to see Dir en grey for the third time, this time with Apocalyptica. And I'm bringing Taylor :)

In September, I'm getting to see Disturbed, Halestorm, and Avenged Sevenfold.

And that's as much awesome as I can handle being excited for right now.
Life is finally going somewhere in the right direction.
I just hope things keep it up! ^-^
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Be My Shadow [12 Mar 2010|02:39pm]
[ mood | needy ]


1+1=2 and Distance
We neeeed it! D:

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Confessions~ Diary of a Frozen Princess [28 Feb 2010|12:56am]
[ mood | amused ]

Everything is different. As everyone knows.
I'm done with mediocrity in life and in love.
Let's see if this guy can be the only man who hasn't cheated on me.
Taylor Disney is a catch like no other.
And he makes me feel special like no one ever has.
Maybe he can melt this frozen heart :)

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Bye Bye Birdie... [25 Nov 2008|01:20pm]
[ mood | loved ]

It's depressing how many people have really, honestly, just completely lost faith in love. [Link]

You will never convince me that men like the ones in romantic movies don't exist. Unless I magically wake up one day to find out I've been dreaming for the past 21/2 years... I will never believe that. Because I've found my leading man. And he really is amazing.

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Crucifixion and Stomata [05 Nov 2008|09:13pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

You know guys. I want to be a doctor. Like I really do. Maybe not even a doctor. But something medical. I just want to help people. Save people. More than anything.

But I'm not sure if I can. This is kicking my ass right now. I'm sitting in the library, beating myself to do a paper I should have started on two weeks ago. I suck at studying. I suck even more at time management.

Highschool was a poor preparation for college. I graduated in the top ten of my class, and now I'm barely (if at all) passing.

And I guess I'm just really pissed at myself right now. More like I have been since classes started. I feel like if I could just catch a break and get my footing back... But I shouldn't be making excuses. I am thoroughly fed up with myself.

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Elephantitis [25 Aug 2008|01:46am]
[ mood | happy ]

Sooo. Up in the T-Town. It's been awesome. I really do love it up here. Everything's so green. And like it's so BIG up here, you know? There's totally more than one mall! xD It's crazy. I love it.

I'm in Honors Biology, Anthropology, Japanese, and Math for Morons. All of them seem fine so far except math. Besides, you know, being math, the teacher acts like we're, well, morons. The syllabus is five pages long and doesn't make a lick of sense. Goodness. Like I need a translator please. I haven't really even been to my Anthropology class though. I kind of showed up wayyy late for the first class. The professor seems really nice though. I have that class again tomorrow at 9. Like I need to get to fucking bed.

I've started recruitment for a sorority called Alpha Phi. They're new here at BAMA so they're having their own rush now instead of before school started with the rest of the sororities. I don't know. As far as philanthropy, the only group that even competes with Alpha Phi (heart disease) is Zeta Tau Alpha (breast cancer). I don't know. Alpha Phi just seems like a great group. But then I'm not looking to join a sorority this year, if at all. I just want to settle into college. But since they're a starting colony, it would be so cool to be one of the founding members here at Alabama. It's like making history. But I'm having a hard time deciding if that's the only reason I'm going through this now, and how important that reason even is.

Of course I'm not sorority material at all. But it gave me a fun excuse to buy a couple new hot dresses. But when Chris promised to take me out to dinner in one of them... Well that's definitely much more fun!

He came down this weekend from Huntsville. We had to sneak him into our dorm, but it all worked out great! He got here and we had mad hug time. The power was out from 11 am that day until 3 am though. Like for real. Somebody at Tutweiler blew a fuse and started an electrical fire - that's what our RA heard - and the entire southside of campus was out all day. Oh and so were a lot of the businesses near us. It was crazy.

Aww that part's always so sad. "Hey. Don't I know you mister?"

Anyway. So me and Chris went on a long walk around Campus on the way to get stuff to eat. xD Our taste in food is so different. He gets this giant meaty sandwich and says it needs more meat. I got a cinnamon roll and nibbled on his fries. But I mostly just made a meal of my three drinks I just got xD We were going to the rec center after that, but they were closed, so we just snuck back into the dorm and went to sleep ^-^

Did some sweet shopping yesterday. Got a lot of amazing stuff. Spent way too much money. You know. That's where the little bit up there about dresses comes in. Supposed to be shopping for recruitment. Pssht. Whatever.

Today Chris was like Mr Fix-it. Just played man around the house for a while. Then we went to Lakeside to eat. Kind of had to rush to take him to his car because I had my Alpha Phi party to get ready for and I just got SOAKED in a sudden downpour! Got impatient and kind of snappy with him, and with Mary Ana who I eventually had to call down to take him back to his car since I was lost.

The party was lame. Just awkward mingling and then a cute/funny video about "The Fabulous Life of an Alpha Phi." Kind of turned me off more than anything. I told Chris I hope they don't call me back just so they'll make the decision for me. I won't lie, the inevitable rejection is going to hurt my feelings... But only the personal rejection. Not being in Alpha Phi is honestly not going to bother me that much. I'm not about to wrap my hopes and dreams around a sorority like how some girls do.

Me Mary Ana and Ashleigh went to go work out after MAC got back from her party. They all had different times... We ran for like an hour. Well, I only ran for half an hour and then I called Chris xD Then Ashleigh walked home (!) and me and Mary Ana did some squats and various other things. They have the squat machines here and I don't really like it. I suppose there are pros and cons to it, but it's not what I'm used to, plus it just feels like pussing out. It's really just not as hard. But then it seems like more muscle isolation or whatever. Blah blah blah.

Whenever me and Mary Ana walked into the weight training section of the gym - which is weird because it's like so clearly segregated. Men downstairs in weight training, women upstairs in cardio - I heard some go say "Oh, here come the lesbians." I thought it was kind of funny, but Mary Ana was like about to fight somebody xD

Well... Anyway. The movie just eneded and I am abruptly out of things to say. Plus it's 2am and I have class at 9 xD Yay me! Working out at 10pm is never a good idea. I still have a friggin adrenaline rush.

Ahhh. I miss my Chris already. I can't wait to go up and see him this weekend! I won't lie, most of the excitement right now is in just seeing his dorm, Huntsville, UAH, meeting his roomies... But only because he just left. By Friday, all I'll be able to think about again is jumping out of the car and hugging him *^-^*

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Confessions~ We live on air and sunshine [28 Jul 2008|11:42am]
[ mood | pensive ]

I'm a bad person.

I realized yesterday...
I look down on bulimics.
Because they're not strong enough to be anorexic.

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444 [06 Jul 2008|08:58pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

If you didn't know, I recently got my wisdom teeth taken out. You know. Two weeks ago. Still a little tender. I felt like a freak until Misty told me she was still sore for weeks. And yes, I swelled up like a chipmunk.

Chris and his mom came with us down to the beach for the 4th. It was nice ^-^ Only I'm so tired of the lame-ass "patriotic" songs that everybody keeps blasting. It's just mind-numbing.

And on that note:
Anyone who honestly believes we live in a free nation is simply uneducated.
Pick up a newspaper please.


I'm getting increasingly impatient with myself.
Everything is just happening.
And I need to settle down.

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Bitchgasm [28 May 2008|04:30am]
[ mood | amused ]


(Do not reply.)

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Peace Love and... [19 May 2008|03:00am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

A lot on my mind lately.



Me and Mom went to Miss Vicki's wake today. Open casket. Eerie. Especially after all the chemo.

I hope turnout for my wake is just as good... We stood in line for about 45 minutes before we got up to the casket. I would have passed on the viewing if the family hadn't been gathered around it. James held me for a really long time. I haven't seen him in so long. All his hair has turned gray... Like a light gray... And he's wearing glasses. Ryan I haven't seen in even longer. I didn't even recognize him! He's about as tall as me. Certainly not a toddler anymore ^-^ Ashley was crying a lot - understandably! I talked to her and Lisa for a bit. ...I wonder where Kevin was?

*sigh* It's just weird.

Funerals are almost like reunions, only you can't act like you're too happy to see somebody. Like I saw Sarah Dunn and Janet Benton. Sarah is omg so pretty. And well... I'm just seeing Miss Janet in a different light I guess. Not in a bad light though. Just. A different one.

You know if I could be half as strong as Miss Vicki... I mean it's just amazing how far she fought it.

And James Flowers is still the perfect man.
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Strawberry Fields Forever [17 May 2008|10:31pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Chris Casey is the sweetest guy to ever walk the earth.

I love you ^-^

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A Pompous Circumstance [13 May 2008|05:02pm]
[ mood | determined ]

We graduated last night.

I thought I'd be okay, but I cried like a bitch. Our song played, then Shawn Hall started tearing up, then I saw Coach Nall, then Chris hugged me to death, and then Patti was just sobbing. Ahhh I couldn't do it. I'm so happy though ^-^

Friggin Devin Smith was like "Don't cry, everybody's getting shitty after this!"

Wow. XD And that's what will stick in my head forever about last night...

Instead of getting shitty... Me and Chris went to O'Charlie's with our family ^-^

I could say a lot more. You know, babble about how long graduation practice took and how freaking early, or how much fun me and Chris had with his aunt and uncle jet skiing and how COLD it was, or how my man won two awards at art in the park last weekend, or how I had a scholarship interview today that I bombed... But instead I'm going to go clean and get some things done that I've been postponing ^-^

Love you! *sniffle*

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Je suis... [14 Apr 2008|02:02am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Hmm, who does this look like?

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Showtime, Showtime [25 Mar 2008|08:57pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Friday was Prom... Yay ^^

(First update in years right? But 心配ない ^-^)

Me and Audra went to the Silhouette to get our hair and nails did :P Then we came home and were white trash with our fried chicken. Mmmm ♡ (Even better than sex, Axel.) Chris and Jamie came over, then me and Chris got dressed and boy did we look lovely ^-^ Audra and Jamie went to Audra's to get ready then me and Chris went to Megan's!

People were gawking at us on the way over there XD

We hung out at Megan's for a while and took pictures and such ^^ Then our limo got there and we went outside and loaded up! We grooved out the whole way over there, then we got to Stix and hooked up with the rest of our crew! There were too many of us for a table, so Cameron Robinson, Kara, Cody Broughton, Mary Ana, Shireen, and BCherry ate at a different table. Maybe Kris and Sami did too... I don't remember looking at them during dinner ^^; I got the sukiyaki steak, which was a risk considering I have very iffy feelings on teriyaki. But it was very good! ^-^

Katie Patterson had to basically stand there and disrobe me for me to go to the bathroom XD My dress wouldn't pull up because of how tight it was on my thighs/butt. I guess that's a good thing?

Prom was beautiful. Of course. I helped decorate it for about six hours the night before XD (I heard that after we left Friday, some guy tried to climb up the staircase we made and broke it. If I was still there, I would have literally kicked his ass.)

Lalala prom doo bee doo... Hung out with some decently cool peeps, had gads of pictures taken - tons of people kept coming up and being like "Omg! *click*" ^^; The attention whore in me loved walking out during senior call-outs. Everybody was like "Ah omg Julie let me take yo pitcha!" XD I'm a loser, but I just loved being able to dress up pretty and be lovey wif mah man.

I noticed they played Soulja Boy even though the county outlawed that song...


We went back to Megan's around half an hour before it was over, so like midnight - minus Kris and Sami who took their jager and left before they got caught. We just sat around and talked for a while, boys getting naked in the middle of the living room and such. Then me and Chris and James went back to my house to get changed and we went up to Waffle House to meet everybody else. Only we didn't see them. So we went and got gas. Then we met them there for real. I ate half of Andrew's waffle. Everybody was like "Let's just go to McDonald's, there's a half hour wait!" So me, Chris, James, and Patrick Herring partied over to McDonald's, then found out everybody was staying at Waffle House... Our group is so disorganized XD We ate, then I was just too effing tired so me and Chris went back to Audra's house while everybody else went to the beach. I wish we would have gone! Mary Ana said they were all sitting around and they saw this couple sitting there in the candlelight and they were like "Aww omg he's proposing!" Then a minute later Megan was like "...Jessi?!" And Jonathan was all "Megan?!" Aww yay ♡

But. I was exhausted. I mean it was 4 am and everything. So me and Chris crashed on Audra's couch until she kicked him out around 8ish. Then I was still asleep at 11... Only her mom moved me to her bed... When Chris came to pick me up and take me home before he went to work. Only a truck ran over the water pipe at his house so he had to come early to take a shower at my house. I had work later that day at Pacsun. And Gap... Like wtf I said I couldn't work at Gap that day? So. I worked at Pacsun. And I must be the only person who remembers Ashley Calcagni. I remember her being practically infamous. But. She works with me at Pacsun. And is a cutie.

I ended up having to work last night too. And for some reason I came home feeling like total shit. So I didn't go to school today. I missed the test on 1984, which is kind of a mixed blessing. But I meant to get up and go to the elementary school during 3rd block to tutor, but I woke up too late. I really felt bad. I don't know what was wrong with me. Like I feel better now, but I was just miserable.

Mom is taking me and Mary Ana up to UA on Friday for one of their university days.

Yes. That is all.

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Armed and Dangerous [29 Jan 2008|03:46pm]
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Making me over♪ [25 Dec 2007|06:35am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Wow. I really meant to go to sleep tonight. Actually, I'm exhausted. But I have a man complex about some things. If I'm working on something, I do not sleep until it's finished. And after a wild night of Bill Gates fucking me up the ass, I said "Fuck you too" and downloaded Firefox. Take that. And then after 60 million phone calls to my personal tech geek (Smee) I finally figured out how to get MSN Messenger to get along with my Firefox browser ^-^ I R PROUD. XB

I don't know what the deal was. Vista sucks. Don't get it. I miss my XP.

Haha. XP

Um. This song makes me orgasm. Do me?

On Friday we had a wonderful love-wad day! Chris came over to my house and we gave each other our Christmas presents. I greatly love the little hat he gave me ^-^ We had a little snuggle time, then cleaned up, did the dishes (XD), and went to Audra's. Jamie had to stay with the boys for a little while, so the three of us stayed at her house for a while. We put together this cute penguin... Meaning they put it together and I was largely unhelpful ^^; Then we went back to my house for a little bit because we forgot... something. And then Jamie called Chris after calling me and Audra a million times (our phones were in the car) and we went to his house until... we could leave. Then. We left. >-> *cough* We went to Cosmo's to eat and, uh, good lord. I really love their alfredo. Like. Fo' real.

Ahh I need to get some longer headphones. I feel like a horse, you know, whenever they're tied to something and they try to move their heads and they can't so they just throw their head back and flail with their eyes all big and crazy. Neeeed longer headphones >->

So Cosmo's was awesome! Then we went to the Wharf and ran around until the rink opened and then we went ice-skating! ♡ It was fun. I'd never been before, so I was really bad and I kept almost falling and having seizures trying to stay up, but Chris always caught me ^-^ Well... Except the last time when I just straight fell on my ass. And I don't know what happened. But he came down next to me and slid me into this giant puddle XD It was crazy. Oh and some little girl. Like wtf? X3 She was like "Will you skate with me?" And I'm like "Sure ^^" Then she takes my hand and we go an inch or two - and I mean this girl is like two feet tall - and she just freaking wastes me. Like she just takes off and is dragging me behind her! It was in-freaking-sane! XD Then we went on the big ferris wheel and that was cute and nice and all that... ^^ Then we went to Starbucks! Woo! After that, we raced around Walmart then dropped Audra off, went back to Jamie's to get Chris's car, and Chris took me home. Well we drove around a while until Mom called like "Wtf?" then Chris took me home!

Chris and his mommy came over today for a little bit to give us amazing chocolate cheesecake and other stuff and to just visit a little... It's so sweet. She gave me this little book and the first page is a picture of me making hamburger patties at their house and it's got a bunch of recipes in it, then the last page is a picture of me and Chris attempting to smooch but with gigantic pillows stuffed in our shirts ^^ It was very nice. You know, I gots ta know how to make food for mah man just like his mama! XD

After they left we went to the Foley Park to look at the little houses and the trees and other decorations. Ah! On the way there the radio was on kind of quietly and it sounded verrry vaguely familiar, so I asked what it was, and they didn't know but they turned it up and it was freaking... That "Word Up" song that Korn does. Only. Not Korn. And I was like "Ooh. That song really sucks?" Haha XD

Then we came home and Mom made chili and it was reallly good. Then we opened presents. Jeff is so cute. He just mauls me. "Open this first!!!" He won some cute little bear (that looks like a wombat) at school for me ^^ I fell asleep with him right after everybody settled down ^^;; I don't know why I was so tired... But anyway. Then Mom put out the Santa presents after Jeff went to bed and I supposedly did too. You guys are all gonna think I'm a super loser, but... I really think it's awesome and I really wanted one... Mommy Santa got me an elliptical thing XD

Oh and there's this book she got me that's got a bunch of like... funny stories and tips about your first year of college and everything in there. And there was one chapter that was just this girl like "I don't care if you've got a man! Dump him! Don't take that bitch to college with you! I'm a whore ^-^v" I mean that wasn't Mom hinting anything... There were things about keeping your man too, but I just thought that little bit was so awful and so funny.

Speaking of books, while waiting for my computer to stop screwing me, I read a whole book XD

I love you guys ^-^ Merry Christmas!

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Waiter? [09 Dec 2007|11:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Alright bitches, I gots some questions. Much like the bathroom thing, I've been thinking about this for quite a long time...

What is a "D"?

Define "brain."

Explain "football."

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Physiological Infraction [12 Nov 2007|11:13pm]
[ mood | happy ]

It's only been about a month since I updated. Come on, that's not so bad!

My computer is completely dead. It has been for... About a month ^^; I haven't gotten a new one yet and I don't know why but nagging with get hellfire sent upon me. Bah.

Of course for those of you who don't know, Chris is a retard and he flipped his car a couple weeks ago and completely totalled it.

So yes.

Saturday was mine and Chris's second 5-monthaversary. (Every time my posts are dominated by Chris, I always hear Audra's face smashing the keyboard.) We had volunteered to go do stuff at the Oyster Run but it was pathetically disorganized and confused and there was nothing for us to do so we just left o-O Mom was being a ho and for no real reason just said I couldn't hang out with him that day and that she wanted him to go straight home. Her original reason was that my room was messy but then I cleaned it and it turned into "you just need to get some rest." I woke up at 7 in the morning on a Saturday. What about that is restful? It's not like I'm going back to sleep or anything. But we'd already planned to spend the day together. We both put in off work and we haven't hung out in a long time and he's going to be gone for the next two weekends. Not to mention it's a pretty important day. The last month's been pretty hard... Anyway. We ditched the Oyster Run and went car shopping and prom dress shopping and bought some food from the shrimp basket and brought it home. By this point it was about 1. Mom said Chris could stay till 4. Sorry, still not good enough. So I was like "I'm not staying home and doing nothing, can I call into work?" And she said that was fine. (See? She has no reason, she just doesn't want me to see him.) So we hung out for a while then Chris and Jeff went outside to play and I did laundry then came out and watched them play around. Then Chris left and I cleaned up a little. Brian asked if I wanted Subway or Firehouse and I was like "I'm going to work." Then Mom got all mad. Like wtf. "Oh so you called and got some hours huh?!" "You said it was okay?" "Yeah. I did. *pissedoffpissedoff*" Then I hear her telling Brian how her life sucks because she has to put up with me. And he was telling her something about how me and Jeff just walk all over her because even though she sets clear rules and boundaries she never enforces the punishments and we know we can get away with it. Pffffft. Like 90% of the time I have no idea what she ever wants out of me because I'm just supposed to pick up on these "hints" or something and in my entire life I only remember two times that my punishment has been even slightly clear or justified. (Here meaning that it was preceded with a warning or her telling me to do something or that was related to any rule already set in place.) We seriously don't have rules around here. None that don't exist solely in my mom's head anyway. But it's easy to win a game when you make up every rule as you go, isn't it? Just say what suits you. *sigh* So. I went to work. Had a really great time at work. I love work. >-> Yeah. We went to Arby's and got some curly fries and their new cheesecake bites which were really pretty good. Then there was this hippy store across the street (we were in Gulf Shores) and we went in it to explore for a minute. I hate really strong incense... Then we went to the kids park to eat and there were a bunch of weirdo skater kids hanging around. I mean it was like they were all skating together, and then they all just split apart and sit on separate corners of the park like they're super emo. "I don't look as scene if I don't sit on this slide and cut myself!" Sooo... They we went to the movies and saw American Gangster. It was alright... Then we hugged a vomit-worthy amount and I went home ^-^

Yesterday was our Peer Helpers thing at Camp Beckwith. Not much to say about that... Went to see Chris on his lunch break and shopped at AE after that ^^; Chris called me while I was in line to check out and I went by Old Navy to spend the last bit of his break with him. Then I went home. Today I just laid around all day. Actually, I did a couple loads of laundry and ironed some things. Then I laid around all day ^-^ Chris bought a car today though. I'm anxious to see it... He's ASSAULTING me right now and I hate him.

Augh. I'm leaving.

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Platonic Invasion [24 Sep 2007|11:55pm]
[ mood | drained ]

What's going on lately? Hmm... Oh yeah, nothing.

Saturday, me and Chris went shopping then to Cici's (haven't been there in sooo long!) and went to see Mr. Woodcock. It was hilarious fo realsies. The best part was when he went to see his dad at the nursing home and it was something like... "You have a dad?!" "Of course I have a dad Farley. I'm not Jesus." That killed me. I probably humiliated Chris by being the most obnoxiously amused person in the theater... But it was great ^^ After that we went to Planet Smoothie next door. We'd never been before but they sent me a "Come see us!" thing in the mail, so I noticed them today and we went and omfg it was so good. We got the Java Nut which was just like a Reeses but with coffee. *brief orgasm*

Sunday, I painted the Homecoming window for Student Council. It was pretty fun. Especially when Mary Ana backed her car up to the window so we could sit on top and reach the high bits... lol. Some old ladies came by to bitch at us. They were like (*imitates bitchy old lady voice*) "Well! I sure hope that man who owns the place knows you're doing this to his window!" ...-_-; The window looks reallly good though. Oh and... Caroline, Chris, and Megan are amazing people... ("You need a costume?! They have it at this place..." "I called and put it on hold for you and I'll take you after work..." "We can take it in for you if it's too big just come by tonight...") Gosh. I was like... "You guys are the best. Like if Chris was here... We should all have sex." XD

We were the cutest couple ever today ^-^ I was thrilled when we found my Tinkerbell costume, and Chris was the most adorable Peter Pan ever! We got our picture taken like a million times.

And then I broke his camera x-X

He absolutely makes me melt into this big goopy puddle. I told him I'd dropped it and the lens was messed up and he didn't get mad at me or anything and he was really sweet about it. (I almost wanted to go cut myself: "Honey, a piece of pastic isn't ever worth you crying about.") Then after dance practice I went to see him for a few minutes before he went to work. And I've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately... And he just let me make this awful crying mess all over the only shirt he had to wear to work. Does it like... Make you feel bad when someone's that sweet?

Blahhh. ^-^ Tomorrow will be pretty great! It's Decade Day, but we're boring losers, so we're just being hippies - like EVERYBODY else. But Chris has a fro XD I'm just excited that we get to spend time together before and after school ^-^

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D-Day Baby: Nuclear Threat [11 Sep 2007|01:45am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Saturday was Chris's 18th birthday! What an old man! ^-^

He picked me up and then we went back to his house where his mommy gave us omelet! Then we left for Milton and we pretty much slept the way over there, just hanging over into the space between our seats XD It was his cousin Josh's 5th birthday party and we stayed for the last half of his bowling league. That kid is so friggin good and you can tell he's just crazy about it. We all just hung out for a while, and as always, watching Chris play with Josh makes my biological clock start ticking. ("HAVE A BABY NOW.") Then we like... suited up (lol) and did the bowling thing. >-> I bowled a 39. Woo.

Gosh I suck so much.

Then we had pizza/hot dogs and cake and presents. Then Josh was messing around with his light-saber and he was like attacking Chris and getting all excited and Chris was (failing at) dodging and getting his legs chopped off and such. Josh is reallly cute. Like seriously. He's just adorable. (*ticktockticktock*)

I really love hanging out with Chris's family. It just makes me feel legitimate. Like "Yeeeaahh I was here last year too bitch! Uhn! *gangster arm*" Plus I just genuinely like most of them ^-^

We drove home, and I don't remember if I fell asleep on the way back or not... We were both really tired though. We stopped and bought him a lotto ticket... (because he's 18 now) 05 06 10 16 21 36. I told his to pick 18... But he didn't. And if he did he would have won something ^^ You know, like $5 XD

When we got back to his house, we flopped over and waited for his dead to get showered and dressed because he'd been doing man work all day. Then we went to the track and rode the go-carts and did the sky coaster and won some tickets in the arcade for Jeff. Of course that was all really fun and of course there are like 10 million pictures his mom and dad took from that XD I like it though. It's nice having pictures of us ^-^ (I just wish I actually had them you know? Instead of just knowing they exist.) Anyway, I don't really know what to say about any of that, except that it was great and we had a lot of fun ^^

Then we went back to his house and messed around for a little bit. He opened his presents and we all sat around for a while, talking and snacking. Then his granny went home and we got some dinner and migrated to the couch. I was hungry but like... Omg I was so tired it was almost impossible to just chew. So we ate some then curled up with our heads on each other's legs and fell asleep XD We woke up a bit later and had some supa good cake. Then we sat there dead for a little bit and he took me home. Aaaand I fucking love him ^-^ Just thought I'd add that.

So that'd the condensed version. *nod* I have a LOT of stuff coming up, and I feel like I have more to say, but I'm finally getting tired again. I slept almost all day. I dunno. I was freaking exhausted.

(Today was our second 3-monthaversary. ♡)

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